Thomas Huang, MFA, is a progressive product leader with experience in startups and Fortune 50 companies like Walmart and Target. His career encompasses creative, tech, and product management roles where he has developed successful products using web, AI and AR technologies. He pioneered real-time 3D standards at Target, innovated customer-centric experiences like Virtual Try-On and mobile AR shopping resulting in a 20X business growth. Thomas led product development at a Walmart-backed AR startup, producing initiatives for iPhone, Magic Leap 2, and Apple Vision Pro that received recognition by corporate executives and industry leaders. By pairing technological innovation with strategic thinking abilities, Huang effectively collaborates with various teams to create consumer-focused products.

From the cinematic world, Thomas' credits include "Green Lantern" (2011), "World War Z" (2012), and his personal animation films had screened in festivals worldwide, including France, Turkey, Belgium, Serbia, United Kingdom, and the United States.